French double manual harpsichord (Blanchet 1756)

Built after instrument made by the French harpsichord manufacturer Francois Etienne Blanchet dating from 1756. As usual in the 18th century French builders emulated Ruckers, while giving the instrument a grand ravalement to a full range of five octaves.

The character of the sound can be described as sonorous, rich and mellow, but still keeping its transparency.

Technical data:

Disposition: 8',8',4', +lute
Range: from FF to f'''
Dimensions: length 237 cm, width 92 cm
Transposition: a' = 415/440 Hz
Keytops: long keys finished with ebony
sharps pear wood overlaid with bone
Stand: turned legs, French style

French double manual
French double manual
French double manual