Flemish single manual harpsichord

This instrument is based on an Andreas Ruckers instrument dating from 1640 and made in Antwerpen. The original can still be admired at Yale University. In order not to restrict the player's possibilities its range has been enlarged (original shortened octave C/E to c''').

The instrument has a robust, warm timbre and is very varied in its different parts.

Technical data:

Disposition: 8', 8' + lute
Range: from GG to e'''
Dimensions: length 216 cm, width 87 cm
Transposition: a' = 415/440 Hz
Keytops: long keys finished with ebony
sharps made of pear wood overlaid with bone
Stand: trestle stand with turned legs made of beech wood

Vlaams 1-klaviers
Vlaams 1-klaviers